Music video analysis (and how to write a music video script)

Music video analysis
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Music videos became essential to music

Since around 30 years, and especially since the incredible Thriller by Mickael Jackson, music videos have been a fascinating media not only for music, but also to develop the artistic and philosophical world of singers and bands. They are vital to guarantee the promotion and to spread a clearly identifyable public image.

There are funny and scary music videos; simple and easy, or complex, tricky, stunning music videos; hyper-realistic or poetic and philosophical music videos; in sync, or not in sync, narrative and dramatic or contemplative and purely visual music videos etc.

Despite of this diversity and this richness, the basic materials are still narration and discourse, plots, characters, situations, places and themes.

To understand better what is going on in a music video, and to make yours, the best way is to study the best works of famous scriptwriters and filmmakers.

Music video analysis

Story&Drama analyzes scene by scene / shot by shot 14 great scripts of music videos, listing all the noticeable details and effects.

  • How were those videos built?
  • How were the stories conceived?
  • How were the plots written and arranged together?
  • How were the characters designed?
  • How did the scriptwriters and film-makers to offer their audiences a great show, using huge or minimum means, mixing horror, humor, political ideas, sex-appeal…?

To improve one’s technique and make one’s knowledge concrete, there is nothing better than analyzing masterworks, taking the best out of them to re-use it in your own works!

How to write a music video script?

Music video analysis

Playlist of music videos we studied:

Michael Jackson - Thriller (Official Video)

Learn storytelling and scenario techniques from the masters

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