Björk – All is full of love – Music video analysis

Björk – All is full of love – Music video analysis

Music video analysis
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This music video analysis of All is full of love by the icelandic singer Björk is an abstract from our tutorial e-book 14 music videos.

The video tells the harmonious and erotic love story of two female androids which look like Björk, as if she was making love with herself.

Music video

Björk – All is full of love music video – Shot by shot analysis

00:00 Black screen. Bottom-to-top panorama shot over a strange, dark surface – a kind of metallic object, looking like the pipes of an organ or crystallized metal.

World: this first enigmatic vision makes us enter the technical machine world which characterizes this video.

00:18 The zoom leads to a room which resembles a high-tech laboratory, flooded in a harsh white light. A feminine android is lying in the center of the frame on a kind of technological bed, between two intertwined machines. The camera zooms-in on the android while two articulated arms pivot and approach her. The bed emits a white light and various light sources turn on and off.

Characterization: we get to know the character who will be plot 2’s Hero.

Structure: the movement of the articulated arms forms the catalyst of a plot 1 which tells us of the construction of the feminine android – its completion. Hero: the articulated arms, their goal is to finish the making of the android.

00:26 Zoom-in on the human-shaped robot which appears to be a clone of Björk. She opens her eyes, the mechanical arm gets closer to her head and shoulders. The arm, equipped with several types of hands, performs various modifications on her body.

Structure: we go directly to Act II of plot 1, which does not have any Antagonist and never meets any obstacle.

00:30 Björk (the android) starts singing, still lying down and subject to robotic operations. We witness the movements of pistons, screws and rotations of servos on the body of the Björk-like android (we will simply call her “Björk” from now on).

00:52 The articulated arm gets closer to Björk’s cranium while she is singing: “You’ll be given love” and drives what appears to be a screwdriver into her metallic ear.

Structure: plot 1‘s development continues, linear and without conflict.

Tone, register: we can observe a strange harmony, with a touch of humor, between the hi-tech side of the scene and the sensuality which emanates from it, reinforced by the soulfulness of the lyrics.

01:00 The articulated arm seems to lubricate some elements with liquid while welding some others. Liquid and grinded metal drop and sparkle alternately. Serenely, Björk allows it to happen, while continuing to sing majestically. The robots slowly move their mobile elements with grace and precision.

Themes: the erotic and sensual side of the scene accentuates, with a strong mystical and cosmic connotation – water and fire, the robotic and the human, the carnal and the spiritual – the harmonious alliance of the opposites.

01:32 A white sheath is placed on the forearm of Björk. She looks engaged, focused. A puddle diminishes, like the inverted fall of a drop. Björk sings: “All is full of love around you” and seems to be watching somebody or something. A change of shot reveals another, identical android clone of Björk, who is singing “All is full of love” in a loop.

Structure: this scene of encounter between the first android and its sibling forms the catalyst of a plot 2, intertwined with plot 1. Hero: the two Björks. Their goal will be: to make love. No antagonism.

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