Look – Sebastien Tellier – Music video analysis

Look – Sebastien Tellier – Music video analysis

Story&Drama analyzes the music video made by Mrzyk & Moriceau of the song Look from the album Sexuality by Sebastien Tellier.

Music video analysis
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Shot by shot music video analysis

00:05 Black on white title screens: “Sebastien Tellier ‘Look’”, then “A video by Mrzyk & Moriceau”.

Genre: it is rare enough to notice it, but this video, from the very beginning, asserts itself as an author artwork and nobody will contradict that fact.

00:06 The shape of black shorts start swaying on a white background at a walking pace in sync with the music. The body does not appear yet.

World and character: this is also rare – we are not given a character but rather a fragment of a character, who also plays the role of a world (since it is the place where the action happens).

Theme and aesthetics: clearly the video will put a focus on sex, which is nothing rare of course, but the way it is done is rare: provocative but also elegant and stylish, ethereal, and eliminating any vulgar side leaving just pure beauty. Nice metonymy where the part (the shorts) replaces another part (the ass, the cheeks) which in itself symbolizes something more general: sexuality, eroticism.

Media: here the effect of synchronization will not be used the usual, timely way – as in many other videos – but in a permanent thus fascinating way.

00:14 Shapes are sketched. They become hands and arms, then hair long to the bottom, then thighs.

Characters: progressive revelation of the body of the Hero, who remains a ‘character-world’.

Structure: this moment can be seen as the catalyst, unless that’s going to be the following moment. In any case, this story will be rather linear, hardly dramatic and barely conflictual. It is made up of a series of chained events rather than a proper drama (which does not do any harm to the quality of the story-telling).

00:28 On the melody which begins, the shorts start to disappear and become a kind of large mesh net.

Media: new effect of synchronization between the audio and visual channels.

00:47 The woman removes what remains of her shorts, now walking butt-naked. Sebastien Tellier starts singing the chorus.

Structure: sort of seducive “theater strike” which aims at dramatizing the action without building a structure of conflict or antagonism. We could trace a curve of the values taken by the positive or negative thematic connotations of the various events of the narration and it would show that this curve changes direction several times, making the video dynamic despite the fact it is not really a narrative.

00:59 A shape of a star appears then grows bigger, centered in the middle of the woman’s ass who is still walking. This star spins then fades away.

Structure: new minimal “theater strike”, as daring as it is seducing.

Pattern repetitions: in fact, a series of patterns will alternate, replacing each other. All of them being light, elegant, sober and positive, contribute to transforming the woman’s body into poetry (in contrast to the crudeness of the sex theme), using euphemism to lower its – potentially too strong – energy (the video had to avoid the risk of being censored by pornography laws and regulation).

01:05 Small shapes, including diamonds, start leaking out by the dozen from in between the woman’s buttocks, in one, two, and three stages.

Pattern repetitions: very positive but with a weird ambiguity since the viewer wonders what the original objects were which those stars and diamonds modestly replace? Hair? Fecal matter? Urine? Discharge? Sperm? One of the many things which are usually misconsidered negatively as dirty, unshowable and taboo(?). Is it something else? No way to know.

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