Storytelling 2 – Advanced – How to write a story

Storytelling - 2. Advanced
PDF, 117 pages
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How to write a story

This tutorial provides you complex tools to build your stories, and tells you :

  • how to make engaging plots and structures,
  • how to build memorable characters, with diversified roles,
  • how to make drama effects
  • how to manage the narrative parameters.

Designed and written for experienced creative folks, it is usable as a guide ressource for your projects in any media, any art, any size, any style. Scriptwriting, screenwriting, playwriting, songwriting…

It deepens Storytelling – Introduction and Storytelling 1 – Beginner that can provide you the basics.

Table of Contents

1. Complex plots

1. The structure of plots

  • Morphology: a grammar of stories
  • Vladimir Propp
  • Structuralists
  • Structuralists’ narrative schema
  • USA pragmatists
  • Many theories, many standard plots

2. Multiple plots stories

  • Multiple plots stories
  • Interlaced plots
  • Crossed plots
  • Factorial plots
  • Included plots
  • Series of plots
  • The plots structure in Pulp Fiction

3. Mixing drama and non-drama

  • Hybrid structures
  • Mixing drama and non-drama

4. Transitions

  • Transitions

2. Complex characters

1. How to build and interconnect them

2. How stories represent worlds

  • Case study: Thematic roles in Pulp Fiction
  • Case study: The characters in Nip/Tuck

3. Shaping drama

1. Controlling narration parameters

  • Parameters
  • Media
  • Genre
  • Mood and emotion
  • Tone and register
  • Style

2. Chronologies, time scale…

3. Who tells what to who?

  • Author, narrator, receiver, audience
  • Case study: Man On The Moon
  • Narration, focus, point of view
  • Mixed narration
  • Case study: The Idiots
  • Distributing information

Enjoy your reading !

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