Storytelling Services

You tell stories, whatever your media : literature, cinema, music, show, journalism…

But you meet problems – you lack method, rules, concepts. You do not know how to start or how to continue or how to finish your story, or you can state there is something wrong in your project – without knowing what and why.

Can I help you?

My participation to your project can take the shape of material products like schemas, writing and brainstorm diaries, synopsis, etc., and it can also take the shape of immaterial goods such as motivation, shared experience and learning.

You may need :

  • Project counseling, monitoring, script-doctoring, script analysis, story development…
  • A feedback of your movie script, comics, novel, theater play, songs… or any other narrative or dramatic, poetic, philosophical work…
  • Help and support during the creation of your story, plots, characters, themes…
  • Creative tools, practical solutions to your artistic problems
  • Psychological stimulation during your creative process

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You can order 1, 2 or 3 hours of storytelling services, then we make a contract (via e-mail) and we can start working together on your project.

My previous customers recommand my services!

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