Songwriting. 12 songs in english

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Studies in songwriting

Everybody knows by heart hundreds, thousands of songs, and many write and sing their own.

There are songs in all genres, in all styles, on all tones.

Pop, rock, punk, electro songs. Sad or joyful songs, complex or minimalistic songs. Love songs, war songs, calls to rebellion. Regular songs, or anticonformist songs. Portrait-songs, travel-songs, songs telling stories or holding speeches.

Through the study of popular songs, we will give you the keys of songwriting and teach you how to to write your own creations mixing plots, characters and themes.

Songwriting analysis

Our analysis consists in:

  • A full scene by scene summary and commentary, listing all the noticeable details and used effects.
  • A detailed commentary about the the plots of each song.
  • A detailed commentary about the characters, their actantial roles and their thematic properties.
  • A study of the genres, registers and tones.
  • A study of the focus, points of view and other narrative and dramatic effects.

To improve one’s technique and make one’s knowledge concrete, there is nothing better than analyzing masterworks, and take the best out of it for your own works!

Have a good reading !

Song analysis

We studied a selection of great songs, which often tell stories involving characters.

Line by line, verse by verse, word after word, we commented the figures of speech and the effects of drama, we discussed the possible hidden meanings, sometimes we even debated the ideology implied by the song.

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