How to write a story

How to write a documentary script

The main rule of documentary filmmaking: you can’t adjust reality to the needs of the drama. This means that you can’t know in advance who will do what, who will say what in response to your questions. That’s why it’s impossible to write a script for a documentary until you have all the material in […]

How to write a song?

Parts of a song and writing lyrics How to write song lyrics? First, by knowing well the structures needed for composition. Of course, there are many ways to organize a song. It is up to you to decide how you organize it. However, there are some common musical structures that are an excellent starting point. […]

How to write a complex story (part II: Case studies)

After having studied the theory of how to write a complex story, let’s see what we can do with it. How to write a complex story : case study Let’s say we have the project to write a story about love. Depending on the other parameters of the project, in particular the message that we […]

How to write a complex story (part I: Theory)

In this article, we will seek to demonstrate that it is possible to construct the complex plan of a narrative work, without even needing to know its content. In other words, it is about learning to write plot structures that are interesting, endowed with meaning, by playing on the plot parts and on the actantial […]

Use value systems to build characters

Stories make sense Among the great reasons humans love stories is the fact that stories give meaning to the world, and that they deliver a message to the public, answering in their own way the great existential questions about life, death, love, time, law, technology, freedom, family, etc. In order for a story to touch […]

Dramatic tension, a tool for creating strong plots and improving weak plots

Why caring about dramatic tension? Writing a story without a deep meaning, without highlights, emotionally flat, structurally muddled, with weak and incoherent characters, is very easy: juste take a sheet of paper, write anything, without plan or preparation, and voila, it is ready – good for the trash most of the time. But writing a […]