Free Storytelling Working Method

Storytelling - Working Method
PDF, 42 pages

Get organized! That is the basic method to write any story.

A story gets developed over several axis simultaneously: plots, characters, scenes. One can quickly get lost.

To make one’s way for sure to a final script, one can cut the working process into 5 mains steps, and perform the tasks logically one after the other.

This method is progressive, accessible to all from the beginner to the pro, and it also applies to any kind of narrative project whatever the media, size or style. Scriptwriting, screenwriting, playwriting, songwriting

Table of contents

1.1/ Steps of work + working documents

  • The “Board Journal”
  • The “Bible”

1.2/ Project setup

  • From first idea to project specifications
  • The general idea
  • Intentions – Messages to send – What do we mean?
  • Impacts wished
  • Genres
  • Reference-works – List and study typical stories
  • Budget
  • Time (project duration, deadline?)
  • Skills, resources needed
  • Media
  • Size/Duration (in pages, in minutes)
  • Audience

1.3/ Story development

  • Project 1 – Heroic fantasy novel
  • Project 2 – Electroclash album
  • Project 3 – Hip-hop photocomics
  • Project 4 – The Squatt, webserie

2/ Brainstrom and research

  • From documentation to synopsis

3/ Plots and characters development

  • Design a plots structure
  • Build the sets of characters of each plot
  • Build each character’s set of properties of each character of each plot
  • Weigh and put the dramatic properties together

4/ Writing the synopsis

  • The plot structure becomes a synopsis
  • Checking tools & Softwares
  • Now the synopsis / outline becomes a treatment
  • Finally we get to write the final script from the synopsis and/or the treatment
  • Edit the script

5/ Sending or making

  • Send the script to partners / boss / sponsor / publisher

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