Storytelling tutorials

Of course you want to tell better stories to make better artworks – books, movies, songs, comics, games, plays, shows, etc?

Our collection of PDF tutorials has been designed to help you discover and master the main tools of scenario : plots, characters, drama effects, story settings.

Storytelling tutorials – A complete method to become an expert of writing

Story&Drama is happy to provide you those two free ebooks, to make you heroes in the wonderful world of narration. Enjoy!

Storytelling - Introduction
PDF, 20 pages, free
Storytelling - Working Method
PDF, 42 pages, free

Our PDF tutorials feature:

  • Progressive, step-by-step complexity – from beginner to expert, from the basics to the craziest tricks.
  • Graphic pedagogy – plots and characters, and their properties, are schemed and summed-up in clear, readable tables in a nice, colorful design.
  • Enriched text – all the technical vocabulary is underlined to ease understanding and memorization.
  • Multimedia contents – unlike too many handbooks which focus on cinema and forget all of the rest, we take our stories from all artforms, all medias, all genres, all styles.
Storytelling 1 – Beginner
Storytelling – 1. Beginner

PDF, 101 pages, $10, 10€, £7.5


Storytelling 2 – Advanced
PDF, 117 pages, $15, 15€, £10

Those tutorials answer the following questions :

  • How to tell a story?
  • What to tell, and to who?
  • How to build a plot?
  • How to improve stories, plots, characters?
  • How to make sure a plot is dramatically efficient, and has a powerful effect over its audience?
  • How to connect plots and make them work together to produce an overall effect?
  • How to make dramatic and narrative effects

One moment to learn it, a lifetime to enjoy it!

Story&Drama offers you 4 scenario tutorials for $20 only!
Get them all at once and download them immediately.

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