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Pulp Fiction
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Pulp Fiction in short

Story&Drama analyzes and comments for you Pulp Fiction, a feature-length film lasting 2h24, written by Roger Avary and Quentin Tarantino, directed by Quentin Tarantino, featuring Bruce Willis, John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Harvey Keitel, Samuel Jackson, and released on screens in 1994.

  • Title: Pulp Fiction
  • Release year: 1994
  • Scriptwriters: Roger Avary et Quentin Tarantino
  • Director: Quentin Tarantino
  • Genre: gangsters, drama, tragedy, action movie, romance
  • Plots: 10
  • Characters having at least one actantial role: 17
  • Total of actantial roles: 30
  • Average of roles per character: 2
  • Characters having most roles: 4 characters (Marsellus, Vincent, Jules, et Butch) play 15 roles over 30!

Pulp Fiction tells several stories, all of them linked to various forms of violence, transgression and crime, and with characters that cross paths in an original non-linear narration style.

Pulp Fiction stunned generations of cinephiles because of the originality and the quality of its story :

  • Intriguing narrative architecture that brilliantly keeps us in suspense, that multiplies the internal and external links to other scenes and other artworks and genres, the parallels and the echoes;
  • Strength of the plots and the themes, simultaneously fascinating and disturbing, directly connected with the major taboos of modern societies;
  • Power and richness of the gallery of characters;
  • Alertness and diversity of the dialogs and of the rhythm of the action, always between humor and exhilarating discharges of dramatic tension.

From a formal point of view, Pulp Fiction is exceptionally rich and brilliant, and thus deserves our attention as scriptwriters and storytellers.

Our scene by scene analysis of the movie shows its techniques in details: how are the characters organized, how do the plots influence each other, how narration plays with the audience

Our analysis provides you:

  • A detailed and commented summary of the movie, scene by scene, listing all the remarkable narrative and dramatic effects.
  • A detailed commentary about the plots.
  • A commentary about the characters and their actantial and thematic roles.
  • A study of the story parameters: timeduration, timelines, places
  • A study of the themes related to the characters and storylines.
  • A study of genres, registers and colours used.
  • A study of focusing and views.

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Movie analysis of Pulp Fiction



  • Black screen + quote
  • Sequence 1. Ringo and Yolanda rob the cafeteria 0:00/6:55
    • Plot + Characters of Ringo and Yolanda rob the cafeteria
  • Credits
  • Sequence 2. Vincent and Jules vs. the “4-5 guys”. 6:55/20:27
    • Plot + Characters of Vincent & Jules vs. the “4-5 guys”
    • Plot + Characters of Story of Antwan Rockamora, punished by Marsellus
  • Sequence 3. Marsellus and Butch. 20:20/23:25
    • Plot + Characters of Marsellus corrupts Butch
    • Plot + Characters of Vincent vs. Mia
  • Sequence 4. Vincent and Mia. 23:25/61:00
    • Plot + Characters of Vincent vs. Mia (updated)
    • Plot + Characters of Vincent saves Mia from overdose
  • Sequence 5. The Golden Watch. 61:00/107:10
    • Plot + Characters of Marsellus corrupts Butch (last and final)
    • Plot + Characters of Butch vs. Marsellus (continued)
    • Plot + Characters of Butch & Marsellus vs. the 2 perverts
  • Sequence 6. The “miracle” and the end of the cafeteria robbing. 107:10/143:50
    • Plot + Characters of Vincent & Jules vs. the “4-5 guys” (last and final)
    • Plot + Characters of Wollf, Vincent and Jules clean the car
    • Plot + Characters of Ringo and Yolanda rob the cafeteria (last and final)


General conclusion

Enjoy your reading !

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