Storytelling Analyses

How do you learn to write a good story?

By learning how to use its concepts and tools, to begin with.

What if you could learn to tell from the best authors?

To help you learn and apply the rules of storytelling to your art, the detailed Storytelling Analyses develop complete studies of famous masterworks in various artforms.

Storytelling Analyses

Follow the track of the best authors, and learn from them by following our step-by-step analysis.


The Godfather
PDF, 89 pages, 10€ – $10 – £7.5


Pulp Fiction
PDF, 97 pages, 10€ – $10 – £7.5

TV series

Game Of Thrones, adapted from George Raymond Richard Martin
PDF, 143 pages, 10€ – $10 – £7.5


Music Videos
Analysis – 14 Music Videos

PDF, 133 pages, 10€ – $10 – £7.5


To be released in 2017


The Little Prince
PDF, 75 pages, 10€ – $10 – £7.5

Tools to learn to tell stories

Our PDF Analyses feature:

  • Graphic pedagogyplots and characters, and their properties, are schemed and summed-up in clear, readable tables in a pleasing and colorful design.
  • Enriched text – all the technical vocabulary is underlined to ease understanding and memorization.
  • Easy to understand – yet very technical – we make a full commented summary of each work, scene by scene, page by page, verse by verse – bit by bit, we analyze it in details. Studying stories this closely helps you assimilate the tricks of smart storytellers. After having read how an awesome plot structure has been built in The Godfather, Pulp Fiction, Game of Thrones or The Little Prince, you will know how to make an awesome plot structure of your own.
  • The best artworks –  all the artworks we study are among the best of their categories (examples: Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Radiohead’s Karma Police, Björk’s All is Full of Love, Skrillex’s First of The Year…)
  • Multimedia contents – we take our stories from all artforms, all medias, all genres, all stylesmovies, series, books, songs, music videos, shows, comics

What do you know about storytelling?

Everybody is able to tell stories, right?


Not in a way which can catch the attention of thousands of people – of an audience.

So, are you able to deeply understand how a story works with plots, characters and effects?

For example, can you answer these questions:

  • Cinema. How does Michael Corleone become the main character of The Godfather?
    In 15 sequences counting 27 plots and 100 actantial roles, only 4 characters take more than 5 roles: Michael (15), Vito (10), Barzini (9) and Tattaglia (8). At first absent and marginal, Michael enters late in the story: he only takes his first role in the 11th plot, in sequence 4, after Vito has been a victim of a murder attempt.
  • Cinema. How many stories are there exactly in the tricky script of Pulp Fiction?
    Quentin Tarantino’s movie is a festival of plot structures and a great way to learn how to use them. Its non-linear story features and combines 10 included, converging and factorial plots mounted in parallel or in series.
  • TV Series. Who are the most important characters in seasons 1 and 2 of Game Of Thrones?
    This worldwide top-rated series animates 67 characters taking 174 actantial roles. Among them, the members of the Stark family, Catelyn (14 roles), Ed Stark (8 roles), Robb (7 roles), Arya (5 roles), Sansa (5 roles), Bran (4 roles), constitute 43 roles, one quarter of the total, without even counting the Stark satellites, Jon Snow and Theon Greyjoy. On the Lannister side, if we cumulate the Lannisters as a group (7 roles), Cersei (7 roles), Tyrion (7 roles), Joffrey (7 roles) and Jaime (4 roles), they totalize 42 roles. Nearly perfect equality!
  • Music videos. Can music videos be dramatic without being narrative, and vice-versa ?
    Yes it can. The music video of Remind Me by Röyksopp is narrative but not dramatic at all, which makes it… paradoxically dramatic. The music video of Look by Sébastien Tellier is poorly dramatic and narrative, yet great: it is actually based on a thematically contrasted poetry and on provocative contemplation mixing sex and death. Skrillex’ videos First of The Year and Bangarang are both highly dramatic and highly (and brilliantly) narrative.
  • Songwriting. How to write a song?
    It’s simple: there are so many ways! As we saw in French and English lyrics, the love songs, sad songs and political songs are classics, but it is still possible to explore new ways, like Crystal Castles’ or Sexy Sushi’s willingly ununderstandable lyrics 🙂
  • Literature. Why is The Little Prince the literary best-seller of all time?
    Perhaps because in a very short text, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s work succeeds in telling 25 easily understandable plots over 12 genres with 17 characters having 54 actantial roles in a rather complex plot structure
  • Stand-up comedy. How to make people laugh telling them funny stories?
    In our study of French stand-up comedy sketches, narrative strategies like full antiphrasis (giving the word to the craziest racist, with anti-racist intentions) or absurd situations (Rémi Gaillard’s mute videos) are often used, among other weapons of massive distraction.
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