Etienne de Crecy ft Camille – Someone like you – Music video analysis

Etienne de Crecy ft. Camille – Someone like you – Music video analysis

This Etienne de Crecy ft. Camille – Someone like you music video analysis is an abstract from our tutorial e-book 14 music videos.

Music video analysis
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Shot by shot analysis

00:00 Close-up shot of the bottom part of a feminine face, centered on the parted lips, oriented 3/4 to the left. Her face moves in rhythm, in approximative sync with the music which starts strong, catchy and dynamic.

Characters: we can guess it without being sure: this woman will be the Hero of the plot.

Media: another occurrence of our classical effect of synchronization between the visual and audio channels.

00:06 Close-up shot of the chin and of the mouth of a man, oriented 3/4 to the right.

World: for the moment, and for as long as we are going to see it, the faces of the main characters are the only element of the world of this fiction. There is no other space, no other object. As in Look by Sebastien Tellier, we can thus use the concept of ’character-world’ to name this strategy, which consists in putting all the focus on one, and only one, element.

Characters: the arrival of this second character and the obvious opposite symmetry of their orientations – 3/4 left and 3/4 right – allows the audience to understand that this male character could soon take on an actantial role as Antagonist (which will not be the case, so it is a false track.)

00:09 Close-up shot showing the top part of the face of the same woman, a pretty blonde, with blue-grey eyes.

Progressive revelation of the identity of this character, in a logic of metonymy (a part of something instead of the whole thing).

00:12 Close-up shot of a woman’s belly, which moves in rhythm with its own shadow.

00:14 Close-up shot of the bottom part of the woman’s face, which moves in approximative rhythm. She passes her tongue over her lips.

Themes and structure: the sensual or even erotic side of the pictures of the belly and licked lips lead us on the false track of a possible erotic plot, as if this woman whom we discover – bit by bit – was trying to seduce the man we just saw, or to make love with him. The licking of the lips thus appears as a potential catalyst. By identification, the viewer is taken into a kind of erotic game.

00:21 Wider close-up shot of the same man: bottom part of his face, top part of his torso, left shoulder.

00:26 Close-up shot of the man’s eyes, face oriented 3/4 right. His face moves in rhythm from right to left, slightly. He closes his eyes, opens them again.

Themes and structure: these shots seem to confirm that the story shows a couple making love. The field/counterfield opposition, very contrasted (man/woman, left/right) is set in harmony due to the eroticism that stands out from these pictures.

00:33 Close-up shot of the woman’s face, between mouth and eyebrows, oriented 3/4 left.

00:39 Chorus: “I’m looking for / Someone like you”, sung by the feminine voice of Camille. Close-up shot of the top part of the man’s face, he looks.

Media: this time the lyrics, in sync with the pictures, seem to reveal their substance, confirming the stronger and stronger hypothesis of a love plot.

00:47 Shot of the woman’s face, same position as before.

00:54 Wider shot of the woman, framed from the top part of the torso, shoulder, chin. She passes her hand between her neck and shoulder.

00:56 Wider shot of the man’s face, from the lips to the middle of the forehead. He is still moving and looks towards the bottom, focused.

01:02 Shot of the top part of the man’s torso seen from 3/4 behind and centered on his armpit, which looks like a pubis. The man seems to be lying in balance on his hands and he moves in rhythm.

Structure: all these shots looking like a visual dialogue, seem to feed the developmentAct II – of a love plot.

01:06 A wider shot framing the head and shoulders of the woman. She places her two arms behind her head. It is difficult to know whether she is filmed standing up and from face-on or lying down and from the top. She watches the camera steadily. Her face is animated with mimics, expressions of effort, or expressions of pleasure?

The ambiguity, the indeterminable aspect of the position of the woman, puts the thought in our minds: what are we actually being shown, here? What is it truly about?

01:09 Back to the shot of the torso and armpit of the still active man.

01:13 Back to the shot of the head and arms of the woman who continues her mimics – of pleasure, of pain, of effort? The two shots alternate for a few seconds.

01:20 The woman starts smiling, then her face comes back to its initial concentration. She looks like a woman who just had an orgasm.

Structure: everything stays formidably coherent, these very light signals of pleasure seem to be easily decodable by the viewer

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