Röyksopp – Remind Me – Music video analysis

Röyksopp – Remind Me – Music video analysis

This music video analysis of Remind me by the icelandic band Röyksopp is an abstract from our tutorial e-book 14 music videos.

  • Music video directors: Ludovic Houplan & Hervé de Crécy (agence H5)
Music video analysis
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Röyksopp – Remind Me – Shot by shot analysis

00:00 A map of the world with the time zones.

00:04 The time zone of western Europe is selected.

00:06 Zoom-in on this zone and a 3D map showing the cities in the United Kingdom and Ireland, their main roads and weather.

First occurrence of the theme of circulation.

00:10 Zoom-in on a urban neighbourhood.

00:13 Zoom-in on a house, with a representation of its building blocks.

00:16 Zoom-in on a one house floor.

00:18 Zoom-in on a clock-radio which shows 7am, then an inventory of its buttons and functions. A visual animation allows us to understand that it is currently ringing.

Genre: the visual style informs us straight away of the atypical genre of the video: some animated computer graphics which use various visualization techniques to make the understanding easier; the geographical map at various scales, the architectural sketch, the functional schema of technical objects.

World: we can easily recognize our daily world – Europe, England, then a very banal lifestyle.

00:22 On an anatomic diagram of a human head, the sound of the clock is transmitted to the ear. We follow the treatment of the sound in the brain whose functional zones are labeled.

Repetition of the theme of circulation.

00:27 Anatomic diagram of the human blood system. It then becomes the portrait of a pretty, young blonde woman.

Repetition of the theme of circulation.

Characterization: we meet our future Hero for the first time.

00:30 The woman wakes up in her bed and gets up. This takes place in the floor we saw just before. A shot of the room delivers informations about the furniture.

Structure: catalyst of this plot whose Hero is this young woman. From here, her goal will be very simple: to carry out her day as usual.

00:34 In the bathroom, the young woman flushes the toilet. We follow the circuit of water evacuation in a panoramic shot which goes all the way down the building to the wastewater treatment system and from there, to the whole water cycle over planet Earth.

Repetition of the theme of circulation.

Structure: we enter Act II, which develops the plot of the daily life of an ordinary young woman.

00:52 The young woman is sitting on a chair, her kitchen builds up around her bit by bit while she eats her breakfast. Zoom-in on the dietary properties of the cereal she is eating.

01:08 A clock indicates that it is almost 7:30am.

Pattern repetition and information distribution: these pieces of information about what time it is, will frequently come back all throughout the video. We, the audience, have this information as well as the Hero. We know more than her even, since we have privileged access to all the technical data of the world she lives in. But dramatically speaking, this informational advantage is just useless – it does not help raise any tension.

01:12 The screen splits up into 4 images and shows the woman brushing her teeth, putting on a bra, applying lipstick and putting in contact lenses.

Themes: we can remark here, like elsewhere, a strange contrast between the objective coldness of a soulless description of things, objects, systems with the erotic elements alongside them: pretty young woman, bra, lipstick, seduction.

01:18 The clock shows it is nearly 8am.

Pattern repetition of what time it is.

01:19 Shot of the similar houses of a street named Graceland Street. The young woman leaves her house and slides laterally along the street up to a public transport station (diagram of the most widely used modes of transport) and takes the city train.

Pattern repetition of eroticism, through the name “Graceland Street”.

Repetition of the theme of circulation.

01:37 While she is sitting in the train, a man watches her and she blushes.

Pattern repetition of eroticism. But since the Hero will not engage in any love story, we thus feel a slight deception and an impression of a false track: the event “man desires woman” does not actually belong to our main plot.

01:44 The train enters a tunnel. Image of traffic signals.

Repetition of the theme of circulation.

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PDF, 133 pages
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