Skrillex Bangarang Music video analysis

Skrillex Bangarang Music video analysis

This music video analysis of Bangarang by Skrillex is an abstract from our tutorial e-book 14 music videos.

Music video analysis
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The video tells the story of children who rob an ice-cream seller. Decades later, they generously come back to fix a little mistake they did.

Skrillex Bangarang – Shot by shot analysis

00:00 On the quick notes of the introduction, the camera pans along a brick wall. The shadow of a wolf-looking dog enters the field, then follows the dog himself who is walking slightly faster than the camera.

World: these first pictures do not present anything very recognizable. This could be taking place anywhere (especially with fiction).

Themes: this wolf-like dog can be seen as a hint of the style of the Hero and plots to follow: furtive and determined.

00:11 First drumrolls and beats, the dog stops and lets a red truck pass.

Media: same technique as in the previous video: the soundtrack gives rhythm to the picture as well as to the plot.

00:14 A big hand, tatooed with a crocodile, is holding an ice-cream cone while driving.

Characters: very progressive revelation of this hand driving the red truck which belongs to the ice-cream vendor who will be the Antagonist.

00:16 The dog barks. Next, a blond child follows him with a few other dogs of the same breed.

Characters: this child will be one of the Heroes.

00:27 In sync with the music becoming animated and with an energetic and acidulous voice that sings the title “Bangarang”, we discover the fat, pasty face of a 40 year-old man, whose moustache is styled and makes him look ridiculous; like the puppet of an Italian comedy. At the chorus, he takes a large bite of his ice-cream cone.

Characters: the very progressive revelation of the ice-cream vendor – the Antagonist – continues.

00:29 The red truck drives in a narrow street. Elsewhere, the blond child and the dog come out of a cave and run. The dog barks.

These signals put us into a state of alarm, but we do not know why yet. Suspense!

00:40 A black child observes his own gloved hand connected to wires. He adjusts the glove then seems to test its efficiency by getting closer to a surface, producing violet lights in the process. The ice-cream vendor is still driving. A different child, Arabic or Middle Eastern, unrolls a wire reel connected to a detonator of dynamite. He pushes on the button, which triggers a small explosion of confetti and the kid gestures with a victory.

Structure: all these elements prepare the comprehension of the catalyst.

Characters: we therefore have three allied children who are the same collective Hero.

00:55 The kid runs away. The ice-cream vendor drives, changing gears. The kid now walks, a red bandana masks his face and a hat hides his hair. The blond child wears a hood and watches something with binoculars. The Arabic/Middle Eastern child pulls several sticks of dynamite out of his bag. On the word “Bangarang” in the chorus, he also pulls out a lollypop carrying the inscription “BANG”. The black child, with his face concealed under a violet bandana and hood, walks with the detonator in his hand – the blond, half-hidden kid watching him while the other boy loads his hand-made slingshot.

01:19 In sync with the chorus (which powerfully starts), the child with the slingshot shoots just in front of the ice-cream truck. A small explosion generates some smoke and disturbs the driver.

Structure: after all these preparations, the real catalyst finally takes place. We already understand that it’s about children robbing the ice-cream vendor. Dramatic question: will they succeed?

01:24 The black child sets the detonator on the side of the truck, uses his glove to generate electric current on the handle of the truck door, and electrocutes the driver.

01:30 A child spreads marbles over the ground. The driver gets out of his truck and slides on the marbles.

01:38 The blond boy helps the one wearing the glove to enter the truck and rob the ice-cream vendor. He throws packaged ice-cream in the bag that the other child is holding for him.

Structure: in three steps, the children realize their plan of attack: Act II, development.

01:48 The driver runs around the truck and catches the black child by his jacket while grabbing the door of his truck with the other hand. The Middle Eastern child arrives and smashes the hand of the ice-cream vendor in the truck door with a violent kick in order to free his friend. While the driver reacts to the pain, the kids run away. The Middle Eastern one turns around while running to look back at the scene.

Structure: this scene forms the crisis (fight between the Hero and the Antagonist) and the climax (hand smashed, friend freed) of Act III.

The gesture of the Middle Eastern kid helps prepare the future coda (see below).

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PDF, 133 pages
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