Analysis Game of Thrones – Season 1 Episode 9

Analysis of Game of Thrones script
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Analysis of Game of Thrones – Season 1 Episode 9

Lord Varys visits Stark in his gaol. Varys refuses to release him. He informs Stark about Robb’s rebellion. Varys is loyal to Stannis Baratheon. Varys tries to convince Stark to recognize Joffrey. Stark refuses and accepts the idea of dying. Varys evokes Stark’s daughters to make him think twice.

Theon Greyjoy kills a crow with one arrow. Robb Stark wants to cross a land but a disloyal lord stops him to. Robb asks to meet this lord but the other refuses and Catelyn goes instead. Very unpleasantly, Lord Walder Frey receives Catelyn. He tells her about on old conflict. Catelyn asks Lord Frey to let Robb pass through his land. He replies he hates everybody and helps nobody…

Lord Commander Mormont gives Jon Snow a precious weapon. It was meant for his son Jorah. Mormont has sent Allister in mission, to protect Jon.

Follow-up of this low-intensity plot. The last time, in the beginning of episode 8, Jon saved Mormont’s life.

Jon shows his sword to his companions. He discusses with Samwell about Robb Stark starting a war: Jon wants to join him.

Catelyn brings back the news: Robb can pass at the condition Arya will marry one of his sons and Robb one of her daughters – all ugly. Robb accepts…

The scene was actually built in 2 parts!

The theme “Robb at war” has just been seen from 3 different points of view.

Maester Aemon discusses with Jon. Aemon tells Jon it is time for him to commit himself. Aemon is a Targaryen, the House of the previous King.

The dothraki people walk, Drogo is so weak he can not ride any more. Daenerys opposes a dothraki leader who wants to abandon him there. She asks for the help of the witch.

Act II of a plot which started with Drogo’s wound. The goal of Daenerys Hero is to save Drogo with the help of the witch.

Tywin Lannister discusses his strategy with his councelors; he informs Tyrion that he will have to fight aside the barbarians of Shagga: Tyrion leaves the meal, disgusted.

Tyrion finds Bronn at the brothel with a prostitute, Shae. Bronn was going to pick up a partner when he is told that he will also have to fight in first line. Tyrion gets to know Shae who sounds witty and smart. He proposes her to be his paid company and she accepts.

Those recruitments are a series of plots: Tyrion hires Bronn, Tyrion hires Shagga, Tyrion hires Shae. This also shows Tyrion’s great social skills and his ability to get friendship, loyalty and even love.

Drogo’s wound has got infected. Jorah removes a disgusting crust from his torso. Drogo becomes delirious. If he dies, says Jorah who advises to run away, then her and her child will be the enemies of the new dothraki leader. The dothraki warrior who is an enemy of Daenerys swears that when Drogo dies, she dies. Daenerys objects: she is the daughter of the dragon. Daenerys negociates with the witch to heal Drogo. The witch only knows a solution: black magic, and Drogo’s horse has to be killed. The witch starts her black magic ceremony. The dothraki warrior would like to kill the witch but Jorah opposes him, they fight, Jorah kills him. Daenerys faints because of her pregnancy, she thinks she is going to give birth. Jorah brings her, unconscious, to the witch.

This plot enters its Act III, crisis.
We had forgotten the princess’ pregnancy since episode 3 and now she is already giving birth?? We can suspect a chronology bug here: it is hard to believe that 9 months passed since episode 3, and we went nearly directly from the moment of the conception to the moment of the delivery. Weird pregnancy. (Aren’t scriptwriters men?… )

Tyrion, Bronn and Shae spend the evening together and play a game: to tell the truth. Tyrion tells the story of his wife, a prostitute who scammed him and that her father gave to rape to his guards. Shae is moved, Bronn slips away.

Tyrion wakes up with Shae. The camp is very agitated, just before the battle. Tyrion throws Shagga and his barbarians in the fight. He wakes up and learns he was injured during the battle: he vanished and was transported out of the battlefield. Bronn is at his side. We meet Tywin Lannister who informs us that the Stark’s side only engaged 2 000 men: where are the 18 000 other?

Tyrion is now surrounded by his new Helpers.

Pattern repetition. We will remember this scene later, when it will happen again: Tyrion will go out again injured and unconscious, from a battle in which he really was not the strongest…

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