Story analysis of Game of Thrones – Season 2 Episode 2

Analysis of Game of Thrones script
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Story analysis of Game of Thrones – Season 2 Episode 2

Arya hides. She is challenged by 3 prisoners in a dungeon cell. One of them presents himself to Arya: Jaqen H’ghar. Some King’s men – thus Lannisters – are searching for Arya. A man disarms them and sends them off, protecting Arya.

The plot about Arya on the run will still last long. From episode 6, Arya will be servant at Tywin’s. Until then, she will be seen just one or two times per episode – a low-intensity follow-up.

Tyrion finds Varys with Shae. Tyrion and Varys quarell. Varys slips away. Cersei and Tyrion receive Robb’s messenger who proclaims the independance of the North. Cersei sends him back to greet Jaime. They also receive a letter from Lord Commander Mormont who asks for help in the North. Cersei mocks Tyrion and the beliefs of the Northerners.

Much distribution of information here. The characters learn facts we already knew; what we discover is their emotional reactions to those facts.

As often, a scene in a world makes the transition with a scene in another world.

In the North, Samwell watches women and discusses about love with his companions of the guard. He stops Ghost, Jon Snow’s wolf, from attacking the rabbit that transported the daughter of their host, wife of the incestuous King. She wants to run away. Samwell brings her to Jon. Jon is skeptical. He does not want to desobey to Lord Commander Mormont and thus he does not want to take care of this woman.

Jorah and Daenerys see a horse coming back without rider. The wife of the disappeared rider cries, Daenerys consolates her.

It is the 1st negative outcome that Daenerys receives. She will have a positive outcome only in one episode and a half.

Theon gets naked in front of a woman. At the brothel, a man spies another. Russ discusses with Littlefinger, she cries because her baby has been murdered. Littlefinger gives her the day off.

Tyrion takes dinner with the Commander of the Kingsguard. He adresses an incident in a brothel of Littlefinger, then attacks frankly: he destitutes this Commander who arrested Eddard Stark, and replaces him by his knight Bronn.

Arya argues with a boy. She reveals her identity to the young blacksmith who travels with her and she mocks the fact that he was taking her for a boy.

Theon Greyjoy presents himself to an old sailor who is not impressed. Theon wants to go to Pyke and offers to pay the man to find him a horse. A woman proposes Theon to accompany him. They play games a bit, then ride together on the same horse, him behind her – he takes profit of the situation to grope her.

Theon Greyjoy visits his father who welcomes him an unpleasant way. His father accuses him of having become a Stark, and he refuses Robb Stark’s deal. The woman who had brought Theon enters, she is actually the daughter of this lord. He announces that her and him are going to join the war.

This visit exposes the poor reputation and authority of Theon. This painful lack will give thickness to the character who is soon going to change dimension, by rebelling against his fate and trying to be a Hero.

Distribution of information: Theon and his half-sister knew that they knew each other, the audience did not.

Davos, one partner of Stannis Baratheon, discusses with a pirate captain. In exchange of his help, the pirate wants Queen Cersei as his loot. Stannis accepts.

Tyrion and Cersei argue about the management of their affairs. Cersei reproaches Tyrion of having been the cause of their mother’s death when he was born.

Davos informs Stannis about the deal with the pirate. Melisandre seduces Stannis and daydreams about being Queen. They make love.

It is the 2nd time that we meet Stannis, and Melisandre seems to control him.

Jon Snow follows an old man under the snow. He observes a man, sees that a baby has been abandoned, takes it, and finally he is knocked out by the man that he was following.


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