Pulp Fiction – Quentin Tarantino – Story Analysis – Sequence 3 – Butch and Marsellus Wallace

Pulp Fiction
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A tricky story, intertwined plots, fascinating characters, powerful scenes… How do you write a story like Pulp Fiction? Let’s analyze it!

Sequence 3. Butch and Marsellus Wallace. 20:20/23:25

A white on black title picture says “Vincent Vega and Marsellus Wallace’s Wife”.

However, this title that is coming after the Act I of the plot “4. Vincent vs. Mia”, will immediately be contradicted by the content of the following scene. Thus, this title is partly a false track.

Beginning of a long fixed shot that shows Butch (Bruce Willis) impassible, as we hear a very deep, frighteningly calm voice-over, – Marsellus Wallace’s voice – who addresses directly Butch in an uninterrupted monologue.

Characterization. Marsellus appears very progressively: the first time, it was through a story about him and his wife, then as the invisible sponsor of two killers. We are now discovering his voice without seeing him… He is represented a bit like a sacred being that we would not be allowed to see in person.

In short, Marsellus explains Butch that he is over as a boxer, that he has to forget about his pride and think of his future that will necessarily be a decay. The hand of Marsellus enters the screen to lay an envelope full of money on the table between them. After a short moment of hesitation, Butch picks it up.

Marsellus words, “Feather-weight champion of the world. Who gives a shit?“, characterizes the character of Butch and makes the exposition of this character: this boxer at the end of his career is offered to capitulate – but on the contrary we will see later that his story is the one of a rebellion.

Marsellus from back, a huge bull head, with a large band-aid on his neck.

Progressive characterization. Mysterious suspense on the boss’ face.

Butch looks submissive. Wallace announces: “In the 5th, your ass goes down. Say it!” Butch, with a bit of hesitation, confirms “In the 5th, my ass goes down”.

This gives us the data of the Act I of a new plot, n°5 “Marsellus corrupts Butch”: Catalyst: Marsellus commands Butch to lose his match; goal: Butch has to lose his match to help Marsellus make some money betting against him, Hero: Butch, Mentor: Marsellus, Antagonist: none (the goal only depends on Butch’s good will, not on the will of his future opponent).

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