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This page is an abstract from our full analysis of The Godfather, one of the most appreciated movies ever and a masterwork of scriptwriting.

Sequence 13. The revenge of Michael. 150-155

Here, to underscore the spectacular plot structure effect, we will give each mini-plot a different color.

Cut to: A church inside, a priest speaks in Latin. Michael and the family prepare to baptize the baby.

Rocco prepares his machine-gun.

Clemenza carries a packet to his car.

OK, we understand very quickly that we are following an interlaced plot structure with very strong thematic contrast between the sacred nature of the baptism, and the preparation for the murders.

Michael looks serious. The priest anoints the baby‘s forehead.

A barber fills his hand with shaving cream, then starts shaving the face of Cicci, one of the Five Families bosses.

Neri, a killer, prepares a fake policeman‘s uniform.

In just a few seconds, already 5 different plots were shown!

The priest dips his finger in sacred oil and makes the sign of the cross over the baby.

Neri empties a bag that contains a police badge and a gun.

Clemenza walks up a stairway with his package.

The priest makes the cross sign again. He asks Michael if he believes in God.

Barzini walks in a court house.

The dialogue between the priest and Michael continues: Do you believe in the Holy Spirit? Yes. Do you believe in the Catholic church? Yes.

Notice: the effect of continuity though the soundtrack despite of the discontinuity in the actions jumping from plot to plot.

Neri now dressed as a policeman, in front of the court house stairs, tells a driver to move his car. The driver doesn‘t obey.

Clemenza climbs a stairway.

Rocco walks down a stairway.

Cicci goes out.

The ritual continues in the church.

Barzini goes down the stairway of the court house with his bodyguard.

Cici climbs a stairway while smoking, then stops.

Clemenza reaches a floor and presses the button for the elevator.

Moe Greene is lying on his belly in a massage salon.

The priest asks: Michael, do you renounce Satan?

The elevator opens on Strachi, one of the Five Families bosses. Clemenza shoots him two times.

1 murder.

Michael answers the priest: Yes, I do renounce him.

A killer enters the massage salon, Moe Greene puts on his glasses, and takes a bullet in the eye.

2 murders.

Priest: In all his works?

Cicci climbs a stairway again, follows Don Cuneo, blocks him into a revolving door and shoots him four times.

3 murders.

Michael: Yes, I do renounce it.

Rocco opens a door of an hotel room and in conjunction with another killer, shoots Tattaglia and a woman he lies in bed with.

4 murders. (5 if we count Tattaglia‘s female companion).

Priest: And all his pomps? Michael: Yes, I do renounce it.

Neri shoots the bodyguard, then the driver. Barzini tries to escape but in vain. A getaway driver arrives. Neri climbs in the car. They drive off.

5 murders. (Or 8 if we count the „collateral casualties“).

Priest: Michael, do you want to be baptized? Michael: Yes I do. Priest: In nomine Patris, et Filii…

Corpse of Tattaglia in the hotel room.

Corpse of Don Cuneo in the revolving doors.

Priest: and Spiritus Sancti…

Corpse of Barzini on the court house steps.

Priest: Michael, go in peace, and may the Lord be with you…

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