Game of Thrones – Season 2 Episode 10 – Story analysis

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Game of Thrones – Season 2 Episode 10 – Story analysis

Tyrion wakes up in an attic. He has bandages all around the head and Maester Aemon is watching him. He announces him that Tywin has won the battle against Stannis, and thus Tyrion is no more Hand of the King – Tywin will do it in person now that his war is over.

Simple reminder to the viewer.

 Joffrey names Tywin Hand of the King. Tywin gets away on his horse. Littlefinger imagines himself gifted with a castle, and knighted. The Knight of the Flowers obtains the favor of his choice. He suggests that King Joffrey marry his sister Margery – who agrees with him. Joffrey refuses saying he is promised to Sansa, but Cersei objects: he is not going to marry the daughter and the sister of treators; she recommands Joffrey to break his vow. The wise men agree to release Joffrey from his commitment to Sansa, and he accepts to marry Margery. Sansa slips away. Littlefinger catches her back and tells her he is going to help her, warning her about the fact they are all liars.

We overlook the big turns which directly follow the victory of the Lannisters. It is the end of the Starks at King’s Landing, which had occupied these 2 first seasons.

At the brothel, the prostitute Russ receives Varys – incognito – who questions her about Littlefinger. She discovers he is a eunuch, which allows her to understand that he is Varys.

In the forest, Jaime prisoner tries to provoke Brienne. They meet hanged corpses. Brienne wants to bury them. Some guards arrive. They mock her and ask him about what he is doing, suspicious. Brienne wants to leave but a guard recognizes Jaime Lannister. The other guards doubt. Brienne kills them all. She unhangs the hanged corpses.

Catelyn disapproves the fact that Robb in love with Talisa betrays his promise to Walder Frey. Mother and son leave each other in anger after this argument.

Internal conflict between Heroes/Helpers.

Stannis argues with Melisandre. Their defeat is bitter to him. He reproaches her for believing into a strange god. He had to assassinate his own brother, he says… She asserts again that he is will be King one day. He doubts it. She makes him watch into the fire. He says he can see…

Stannis stays a pretender despite of his military defeat. His confession also confirms that he was indeed the killer of his brother Renly helped by Melisandre’s black magic.

A horn sounds, Theon knows he has been circled. Maester Luwin tries to help him. He advises him to run away because Theon does not have the forces to win. Luwin advises him to join the Night’s Watch. Theon goes out to make a speech in front of his dozen of soldiers. He wants to motivate them to fight, he tells them they are going to die today. One of his soldiers hits him, and the others let it happen, probably agreeing. The same soldier kills Maester Luwin and goes away.

Unexpected twist and very sad ending for Theon. After having occupied by force the front of the stage, he is liquidated as a peasant…

Varys visits Tyrion. Tyrion wants to transmit a command to Bronn, but Bronn has been replaced in his functions of Commander of the Kingsguard.

Shae visits Tyrion. She wants to see his wound: he took a strike of sword in the middle of the face. She would like to go and live in Pentos. He wants to stay in the world he is familiar with. She asserts they belong to each other and that she will stay with him.

Their love story reaches a high point. They are among the only characters to really feel and express a sincere form of love in this world of brutes, liars and traitors.

Robb Stark and Talisa get married.

Daenerys, Jorah and the dothraki warrior approach a magic tower. They turn around it and Daenerys disappears. Jorah calls her in vain. Inside the tower, Daenerys walks in the dark at the light of a torch.

Beginning of a plot which is going to free Daenerys. We did not hear about her since the end of episode 7… which sets a chronology problem: her situation did apparently not change since several… days?

 Arya, the blacksmith and the fat boy walk and encounter Jaqen H’ghar. Arya would like to learn from him. He knows that Arya hates and wants to kill the Lannisters. But at first she wants to see her family. Jaqen gives her a coin with a magic formula to pronounce to make him reappear: Valar Morghulis. He turns to her a last time: his face has changed!!!

With him the mystery gets thicker. At first he only had excellent killer skills, now he can also modify his face. We can wonder about his motivations. Most definitely, Arya is a master in the art of finding powerful masters to teach her: Syrio Forel, Tywin Lannister, Jaqen H’ghar… Later in season 3 it will be the Hound. She always has a strong, manly protector, a second, symbolic father. Here as in many other places, we can clearly see that, despite of a few spectacular and ostensible marks of superficial feminism, Game of Thrones stays a standard, patriarcal, macho work.

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