Game of Thrones analysis – Season 1 Episode 7

Analysis of Game of Thrones script
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Game of Thrones analysis – Season 1 Episode 7

Jaime reads his father Tywin Lannister – busy carving a deer – the letter of Stark that convenes Tywin in front of King Robert about the crimes of the Mountain. Jaime evokes what happened to Tyrion, then to Stark. Tywin gives Jaime 30 000 men against Catelyn. Tywin lectures Jaime: the important is not your ego but our family. Tywin asks Jaime to take his responsibilities now.

Tywin now enters the story in an actantial role of mentor of Jaime.

Stark discusses with Cersei in a garden. Stark reveals that he knows about her incest with Jaime and that his son Bran saw them. Cersei evokes her pityful sex life with Robert, still in love with Liana Stark, the sister of Eddard. Cersei reproaches Stark not to have taken the throne instead of King Robert during their putsch against the “mad King”.

The characters are finally able to exchange their pieces of information and to show they know as much as we do about recent events.
Yet, we wonder how could Stark know that Bran surprised Cersei and Jaime, since Bran never told what happened – at least not on screen. A scriptwriting mistake?

Littlefinger gives his prostitutes a sex class – among them we can see Russ who came from the North. Littlefinger tells them his saddest love story – a cynical way. He hires them.

Theon Greyjoy gets to know the wildling Osha. He desires her. Maester Luwin enters and Theon slips away. Osha evokes what she saw in the North of the Wall, things that are waking up, she says.

Booster injection: the “far threat which gets closer” strikes again. Suspense

On the Wall, Jon Snow and Samwell evoke women. They see a horse coming, they go and see, it is the horse of Benjen, who has disappeared.

Renly comes to visit Stark who is limping and warns that something happened to Robert.

Robert in bed talks to Joffrey: “I was not meant to be a father…” Stark enters, Joffrey slips away. Robert is seriously wounded, even if he has killed the wild boar. Robert sends everybody out except Stark.
Robert dictates his testament to Stark. Stark is named Regent of Joffrey until his majority. Robert knows he is going to die within hours.

Effect of progressive distribution of information, which comes from a character to us and to Stark. The designation of Stark as Regent will also have to be distributed and we can already calculate that some characters will not like to hear this information.

Stark meets the dignitaries of King Robert. The Lord Commander quickly tells the accident. Lord Varys accuses the King’s squire of having poisoned the wine. Stark cancels the command taken by the members of the Council to kill Daenerys. Varys replies: it is too late.

Daenerys tries to make Drogo dream to be the King on the Iron Throne. But Drogo is not interested: the only chair for him is a saddle on a horse.

Daenerys walks around a dothraki market with Jorah Mormont. Jorah denies the existence of dragons. A messenger brings to Jorah the royal forgiveness: he is no more banned.

A merchant makes a speech to Daenerys. He tries to make her drink a special wine. Jorah observes from far. He suspects a bad trick, and asks the merchant to taste his own wine first – the merchant tries to run away but he is caught back.

The audience, and not the characters, knows that this murder attempt was actually coming from Robert and Lord Varys, through Illyrio! Long-distance echoes between worlds, and new effect of information distribution.

In the North, Tywin Lannister makes a speech in front of the Night’s Watch. Jon Snow discovers with amazement that he is not named scout but only intendant, which is a kind of punishment. Then Jon discovers he will be intendant towards Lord Commander Mormont. Jon takes it bad. Samwell finds it unfair. Another companion tells his own story, which is very unfair too. Samwell convinces Jon that he now has a good position to learn to command.

We had lost sight of Jon since episode 4. Here is he, back in a plot.

Renly Baratheon comes to visit Stark. He wants to convince Stark to take power by seizing Joffrey. Neither does Renly want to leave the power to Stannis Baratheon. Renly imagines himself as a King. Stark disagrees.

Stark sends a letter to Stannis Baratheon through a messenger.

Littlefinger enters: Stark announces him that Robert had no legitimate child, so that Robert’s brother Stannis is the heir of the crown.

Littlefinger advises Stark to give the power to Joffrey while keeping the Hand of the King for himself, with Littlefinger’s help. Stark replies that for now he needs the men of Littlefinger – who makes remark that he is the only real decider here, given the conflict of legitimacy between the Lannisters and the Starks.

The conflict of succession is thus clearly open. The plot will maintain a suspense over 4 pretenders to the throne:

  • Stark Regent with Joffrey King under control
  • Joffrey King, the Lannisters in power
  • Stannis Baratheon King
  • Renly Baratheon King

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