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What makes Game of Thrones the most watched series in the world ?
Probably the great quality of its scenario.
Hundreds of thrilling plots.
A vast, complex narrative architecture.
Hundreds of realistic, colorful, contrasted characters.
Here is the complete scenario analysis of the 20 first episodes of the queen of the series.


Maester Luwin looks panicked. We can hear some screamings. He sends a crow, a soldier enters and pulls his sword. Theon enters Bran’s room and declares he took Winterfell. He asks Bran to abdicate, Bran refuses. Theon threatens Bran’s men, so that Bran changes his mind. Outside, Bran officially recognizes Theon’s conquest in front of a fistful of men, under the rain. Theon sends Maester Luwin to announce the news by a messenger-crow. An old councelor, Maester Rodrick, refuses Theon’s authority and spits on him. Theon sentences him to death, on the advise of one of his companions. Maester Luwin makes him doubt, but Theon confirms. Rodrick is executed by Theon who needs 4 tries to behead him under the watch of people attending, sad, even in tears.

Theon, previously a minor and poorly active character, tries now to play among the big boys. We can already doubt he has the required skills and assets: the prognosis of his plot is negative.

In the North, Jon and a few guards are walking. Jon’s white wolf precedes them. A man of experience lectures Jon about the dangers of the North.

Always the same background message implicitly meant at the audience: be scared! In thrillers, they use police sirens every 5 minutes to rise tension and attention. In The godfather, they use baby screamings. In Game Of Thrones, they use the many dangers of the North: giants wolves, white walkers, unexplained massacres, frozen hands found in the snow…

Tywin and his Council. Tywin criticizes his warriors. He speaks about the Starks under Arya’s watch. Littlefinger is announced, Arya gets scared because he would be able to recognize her. She hides from him while serving. Littlefinger shares a few news with Tywin, recognizes Arya but says nothing, and evokes Catelyn Stark while Arya is thanked and sent off by Tywin.

Strangely, it seems Littlefinger will do nothing of this information which could give a huge advantage to the Lannisters: Cersei could exchange Arya against Jaime. We will meet Littlefinger again only in episode 10, and Arya, still servant at Tywin’s, will run away in episode 8. Thus apparently Littlefinger said nothing whereas Cersei had clearly asked him – under the threat of a weapon – to find Arya – and that disobedience, that lack of reaction, do not look like Littlefinger’s: usually, he’s an expert at using important informations. Did he willingly disobey Cersei, or was it an attention mistake from the scriptwriters? Mystery!

Jon and his companions are attacked by bandits. Jon neutralizes one, who happens to be a woman, Ygritte. Jon’s companions want to kill her. Jon says that he is going to do it. He discusses with her, tries to behead her but finally feels no will to kill a woman. He pretends beheading her again but willingly strikes aside; she takes profit of it to run away, then he chases and catches her. The night falls and they have lost the others; he still does not kill her.

It is the Act I of their strange love (and hatred) story.

Cersei and Tyrion are discussing during an official ceremony. Joffrey mistreats Sansa again. He gets insulted by some people who starve. A man throws mud at Joffrey, who commands a massacre in reply. The Hound takes the King to a safe place. A rich man is dismembered by the furious crowd. Cersei is sheltered too. Sansa is pushed to the subterraneans by hostile men. Tyrion who shelters himself too tells Joffrey off for his stupidity and slams him. Sansa is attacked by one of the men. Tyrion wants to send someone to search for her but the guard obeys Joffrey who does not want to help Sansa. The attack on Sansa goes on but the Hound comes and kills the rapists. Outside the rebellion is still at rage, the soldiers repress it in a bloodshed.

The situation of Sansa continues to decline. Her prognosis becomes worse and worse.

Daenerys waits at a powerful man of Qarth in the company of Xaro Xhoan Daxos. The man they are visiting gets down the stairs and starts an eloquent but empty speech. Daenerys comes to ask for ships to conquer the Iron Throne, she will pay the triple of their value. The man disagrees, because Daenerys has no army or allied. Daenerys tells about her dragons. The man still refuses to sell his ships.

Obstacle, and missed try to find a new Helper.

 Arya Stark spies a document of Tywin Lannister. He is surprised she can read and he tells her the story of his son’s education. She makes him speak about her father and steals a message about Robb Stark. She is stopped by a guard and runs away. She mistakes a knight for Jaqen H’ghar. Then she finds him and commands him to kill this guard so that he does not betray her to Tywin: this guard dies right at the moment he enters Tywin’s office.

The viewer counts: already 2 murders over 3 allowed, only 1 left.

Robb discusses with lady Talisa. He invites her to an event. Catelyn joins them and Robb introduces them to each other, Talisa slips away. Catelyn reminds him that he is promised to a Greyjoy daughter… (since the forced deal with Walder Frey.)

The love story which started the last time we saw Robb now continues. Catelyn becomes a half-Antagonist half- skeptic – against this love. (An Antagonist would take action against the marriage, for example by forcing Robb to marry a Greyjoy. A skeptic will simply express her disagreement, without actually stopping the goal from happening.)

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PDF, 143 pages
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