Dr Dre ft Snoop Dogg – Still D.R.E.

Dr Dre ft Snoop Dogg – Still D.R.E. – Lyrics analysis & meanings

Gangsta-rap songwriting


Dr Dre ft Snoop Dogg – Still D.R.E. – Lyrics analysis & meanings

Intro – Snoop Dogg

Yeah nigga

nigga : this term has become a gender marker. It is only in hip-hop that we designate ourselves like that, by collectively repeating a racist insult. It has also become a tic of writing, with time. A profound challenge is to devitalize the term of any hostile content, so that “ nigga “ finally wants to say “ man “.

I’m still fucking with ya

1st occurrence of the word “ still “, introducing the titlechorus and theme of the song.

Still waters run deep

Still waters run deep, calm waters go deep, is a proverb.

2nd occurrence of the word “ still “.

Still Snoop Dogg and DRE, ‘99 nigga

3rd occurrence of the word “ still “.

Guess who’s back

This question is asked by Snoop to Dre, but we understand that it is also asked by Snoop and Dre to the public.

Still doing that shit huh Dre?

4th occurrence of the word “ still “.

(Oh for sho ‘, check me out)

Now, it’s Dre the main rapper, introduced by Snoop. In the songs of NWA, Dre had precisely this role of presenter, that Snoop already takes in THE NEXT EPISODE.


Verse 1 – Dr. Dre

It’s still Dr. Day nigga, AK nigga

DRE DAY : Dre -song written by Dre against Eazy-E, to which Eazy replied by REAL MUTHAPHUCKKIN G’S.

AK : it’s the automatic Kalashnikov that has become mythical in rap, and it’s also a genre marker that sounds “authentic”. (Still, it’s cheap for a cardboard rapper to pay for kalash bursts, like look, I have four: AK-AK-AK-AK, that will not prevent Booba to make the title of one of his tubes.)

Though I’ve grown a lot, can not keep it home

I’ve grown a lot   : Stared since 1988, Dr. Dre has accumulated experience in the years 1988-1989, he has had ups and downs, great successes, and also some tragedies like the death of friends and colleagues, he will talk about it later.

can not keep it home a lot : the expression seems polysemic, thanks to the “ it “ which can designate:

  • Dr. Day, which has a double meaning, is Dre’s day of honor, and a day of nightmare for her enemies: this day, Dre can not keep it for himself
  • the AK that has just been quoted: Dre will not keep him at home, it’s done to serve…
  • or else, the “ it “ refers rather to a feeling that has not been named, but is in the air, and that the singer ignores by modesty: it could be his pain and sorrow, and also his pride, to come from this violent world and to have succeeded: that, Dr. Dre is not going to keep it for him, he will share it – in this piece.

’Cause when I frequent the spots that I’m known to rock

This verse connects logically : since he can not stay at home, he goes out, he frequents corners. This movement is consistent with the theme of the song : it is Dr. Dre who speaks of himself, who shows himself, who asserts himself. So symbolically, he goes out of his house, his conscience, to show himself, and since he is a musician, it is through music that he shows himself.


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Gangsta-rap songwriting
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