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Will Jefferson’s works about empathy

Story&Drama’s storytelling coaching was a highlight of the three months that I spent in Berlin.

I began by attending a series of Story&Drama’s introductory evening workshops on plot-writing and was impressed by its clarity and rigour, the range of examples that it deployed, and by the enthusiasm with which the teacher taught.

The teacher inspired me to start developing my own stories and I subsequently met him for weekly tutorial sessions.

Ludovic consistently gave me detailed and thoughtful comments, and set me challenging tasks for the week ahead.

By the end of our time together, I had analysed the plot of the Godfather films; written plot outlines for two short stories; and developed a plot for a stage play.

With Ludovic’s encouragement, empathy became a central theme in my work – a theme which I am now developing as the topic of a philosophy PhD thesis.

Will Jefferson PhD candidate in philosophy at the University of Oxford.

Will Jefferson

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