What is storytelling made for?

What can stories do for us?

Stories give us the keys of life

  • Charming Princes and Barbie dolls teach us how to love when we are children. Then teenage star singers like Britney Spears or Beyonce, novels like “Fifty Shades Of Grey”, press articles about gay marriage and AIDS and divorce rates, porn movies and TV series plus our own love stories and memories teach us the rest when we grow up.
  • War stories tell what to die for (dignity, altruism, love, children, religion…), – protest songs tell us what to fight (oppression, fascism, racism, sexism…)
  • Horror stories (Halloween, Chainsaw Massacre, Zombies, Living Deads…) convert danger into pleasure ; absurd comics, surrealistic ads and cat videos make us relax, laugh and escape boredom.
  • Advertisements show and prescribe what to eat, to wear, to do, to think, and connect emotionnally and intellectually with products and services ; philosophical stories make us imagine other lives and reconsider our values and choices.

In brief: we live by and for stories. We learn life through stories.

Change the world with stories!

Stories are engaged, they follow goals and have intentions:

  • To take power and rule with our values and laws, when we are into politics and communication.
  • To augment the already huge stock of sublime and horrific works, when we are into arts.
  • To motivate our lover to caress your hair more often, when we are in love.
  • To sell massive amounts of our commercial dope to reluctant customers, when we are into business.
  • To denounce those who mistreated and abused us, when we are now crazy.
  • To make our plants laugh, when we are into plants.
  • To enchant and fascinate the children, when we are into education and childcare.
  • To revolution life, when we are alive.
  • To make people remember our name, when we are dead.

If we master storytelling, we have the keys…

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