Pulp Fiction – Quentin Tarantino – The Movie

Pulp Fiction
PDF, 97 pages

A tricky story, intertwined plots, fascinating characters, powerful scenes… How do you write a story like Pulp Fiction? Let’s analyze it!

Media and genre

Cinema long-feature film lasting around 144 minutes (2h24), written by Roger Avary and Quentin Tarantino, directed by Quentin Tarantino, Pulp Fiction mixes different genres: story of gangsters, action movie, drama, romance

The original script counts 126 pages.

Production and reception

Produced by Miramax, shot in Los Angeles from the 20th of September to the 30th of November 1993, Pulp Fiction was released on screens in October 1994.

The movie quickly became one of the greatest commercial and critical successes of all time: Palme d’or in Cannes, 7 Oscars, 5 Golden Globes, 4 MTV Awards, 7 British Academy Awards, 1 Cesar…

Same success with the audience: over the website IMDB, the movie is ranked n°4 of all times with a mark of 8,9/10, over 623 588 votes…

Produced for 8 millions dollars, it earned more than 212 millions (statistics 2012)… a profitable investment!


Bruce Willis, John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Harvey Keitel, Samuel Jackson…

The story

Pulp Fiction tells several stories, all of them linked to various forms of violence, transgression and crime, and with characters that cross paths in an original non-linear narration style.

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