Online Multimedia Story Writing Workshop – May 2015


May 2015

Develop your stories – plots, characters, drama effects, story settings – in a creative group during one month

Object and method

Online multimedia story writing workshop

We will develop your project of stories in any art (cinema, literature, comics, songwriting and music videos, radio and web, etc.)

We’ll create and refine plots, characters, drama effects, style, media, chronology, etc.
Our collective work wille be based on Story&Drama’s tutorials, with Storytelling 1 – Beginner and Storytelling 2 – Advanced being included in the price.

(Storytelling – Introduction and Storytelling – Working Method are still given for free)

Art disciplines involved


Writing (novels, poetry, drama plays), movies, TV serials or shows, radio programs, comics, music (lyrics, music videos…), web, games, transmedia… everything is welcome.


From the 1st to the 31st of May 2015

I’ll be available to collaborate nearly all day long during the month of May 2015, 5 days a week, between 12 am and 12 pm, with a few breaks.

You can choose your level of participation, from a little bit to very much!



We will meet and discuss in/on

  • A private Facebook group dedicated to your questions
  • Working documents over Google Docs or any other collaborative tool
  • Skype tchat, phone or webcam conversations
  • And any other online media or tool.


100€ per person, all included

The overall price includes:

  • a 50€ reservation fee, which gives you the right to immediately download your private copy of  Storytelling 1 – Beginner and Storytelling 2 – Advanced – and start reading it so that you can be ready for the workshop 🙂
  •  the workshop in May 2015, whatever your level of involvement.


50€ fee

To reserve your place and get your tutorials, pay the 50€ fee now :

The reservation fee will be paid back if the workshop is cancelled by Story&Drama – but not if the cancellation comes from you.

In case you’re interested but prefer waiting to make a decision, in the meantime you can :

  • Enter our Facebook group, to keep in touch.
  • Or send me a message through this contact form. Then I’ll send you an e-mail in April to remind you about the coming workshop and let you decide if you take part to it or not.

Minimum-maximum of people taking part

5 to 20 persons

If in the end of April 2015 less than 5 persons paid the reservation, the workshop is canceled and the people who reserved their place get paid back.

Working process

  • Before the workshop, read Story&Drama’s storytelling tutorials.
  • During the workshop, we work by  going back and forth between the Facebook group and the other platforms and medias (Skype, chat, Google Docs…)
  • We also work by steps: project setup on week 1, project development on weeks 2 and 3, project finishing on week 4.

It’s a creative marathon !


  • Prepare yourself to have a busy month of May 🙂
  • Prepare your work, come up with ideas, questions, intentions, plans, schemes, tables, drafts, anything you have that is related to your creative project.

The last word

Talk soon!

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