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How to Write a Story? Interview of Storytellers

How do narrators write their stories?

Telling a story, writing a screenplay, developing plots, building characters, imagining scenes, this is what the authors of novels, comics, films, songs, plays, shows, etc. do.

Unfortunately, there are few places where one can learn narrative writing techniques.

Most writers, even published and professional writers, do not have professional writing training. Does this mean that they have neither know-how, nor techniques, nor specialized tools? Obviously they have some – they pick it up here and there from books, videos, software, and above all they invent some, they develop their own methods, work after work, project after project.

In this survey on how authors write their stories, we will interview creators in various arts and take a close look at their operational concepts and concrete tools, their little kitchen and their workshop secrets, in short: to their theories and practices.



Note for authors

Our readers will be partly authors looking for working methods, and the aim of this survey is to inspire them, to give them practical tools.

To this end, you are cordially invited to illustrate your comments abundantly with images: photos, screenshots, and examples of creative problems from your past projects.

We want to SEE YOU AT WORK.

Please pass the proposal on to your author friends, in all narrative arts!

Condition to participate

To participate you must have published at least one work on behalf of a publisher.

Do you want to participate? Then answer the questions in the following form.

Survey Form

(Display this survey on Google Forms to see it bigger: https://forms.gle/vQtjhnZ4CSi8utQE8)

The most interesting replies will be published as articles on this website, with links from this page.

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