Storytelling Techniques For All

Culture is too often the thing made by others. Hollywood, the TV, the big shots of publishing, the stars, the pros…

We all consume it a lot, but we are not a lot making it. Especially when we care about quality!

So be welcome on Story&Drama, the storytelling specialist that aims at democratizing for you the scenario tools of all the cultures that have stories to tell us, especially those that free the speech and the mind while amazing the audiences!

Online storytelling teaching

The usual scenario classes are too expensive, too selective and too constraining. Not all of us are yuppies of New York.

  • Story&Drama provides you permanent teaching, whoever you are, beginner or pro, in various formulas and at cheap prices 🙂

Scenario classes and analyzes of famous masterworks

Even the best scenario classes are incomplete, too complex or on the contrary not technical enough, not to speak about the archaic pedagogics…

Many famous storytelling handbooks – as STORY by Robert McKee… – only focus on cinema, as if literature, music, TV, Internet and all the other arts and media did not tell any story, did not even exist…

Writing Workshops

One can find writing workshops everywhere…

  • Especially in the big cities of rich countries… you just have to be available at the right place at the right time… and hope the workshops is about your discipline, your genre, your style…
  • Story&Drama frequently organizes for you some live and online writing workshops, whatever you are a philosophical cartoons scriptwriter in Paris or a political drawer  in Montevideo, a cop-novelist in the countryside of New-Zealand or a sensual songwriter in Nigeria, a multimedia artist in Berlin or a trashy stand-up comedian in a big village of China.
Online Multimedia Story Writing WorkshopAll authors, all media, all genres acceptedInternetEnglish

Personalized creative services

Creative services to authors??? does it really exist?? Is it expensive?

So what are we waiting for? Let’s study and let’s work!

Change history with our stories 🙂

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