Author, script doctor, storytelling teacher

Creator and manager of Story&Drama, my name is Ludovic Bablon and I am :

An author

A literature author since 1994, I released 7 fiction books (novels, poetic prosa, art fiction) between 2000 and 2010.

A literary critic

I was during 3 years a literary critic for the magazine Le Matricule des Anges.

A storytelling teacher and script doctor

I have been a teacher of storytelling / narrative art since 2008 in workshops in Marseille (place: Montevideo), Aix-en-Provence and Berlin.


I was awarded with 2 grants in France:

  • Centre National du Livre (literary delegation of the ministry of culture), 2006
  • Institut français (French Institute), 2008

Other skills

I have also been a document researcher, an artist interviewer, a freelance event organizer…


If you have a question or a comment, a project to discuss – if you need an estimate – contact me:

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